Thursday, March 31, 2011

Veggie Wraps with Mole Sauce

I added a little agave to vegan store bought Mole sauce to give it a sweeter flavor.  I was originally going to make with corn tortillas but found Flax Roll-ups that worked out perfectly.  Patrick gave me a steaming tip that I included below.

Veggie Wraps with Mole Sauce

              olive oil for cooking
2            small red or yellow potatoes, small dice
1            small red pepper, sliced
1            small orange pepper, sliced
1            small yellow pepper, sliced
1            red onion, sliced
8 oz.      mushrooms, sliced
1            garlic clove, minced
              mole sauce mixed with veggie broth (per jar instructions)
              agave to taste
              salt & pepper to taste
             sour cream (optional)
             flat bread

Dice potatoes and par boil for approximately 5 minutes.  Drizzle oil in sauté pan and heat.  Add potatoes and cook for a couple minutes.  Add onion and cook 5 minutes.
Add peppers and garlic.  Salt and Pepper.  Add mushrooms.  Put lid on to soften.

In separate pan, prepare Mole sauce per directions.  Once sauce is smooth, add to vegetables.  Add Agave if you desire a sweeter taste. 

Steam flat bread  (large sauté pan with a little water, put cooling rack in pan and bread on top).  Steam until soft.  Fill bread with veggie mixture, add vegan sour cream and roll!


  1. It was delicious and the flat bread I used was low calorie and carb!