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Up north, winter of 2013/2014!  

This is why so much cooking has been happening at the Smith house this winter!

It's finally finished, we are very happy to have our house back and to be able to cook in a new, clean kitchen!!


The new cabinets are in - well - sort of !

No turning back now!

This is a photo of our current kitchen.  It has nice space for a house built in the 50's but because we don't use it as an eat-in kitchen, we'd like to take advantage of the space and extend a counter under the window.  We are ordering our cabinets today and hopefully by May, we will have an updated kitchen! Although these cabinets look pretty good, they are starting to warp from being painted twice. We'll still go with white, but are removing most of the wall cabinets to give it a nice open feel.  Can't wait till May!!

My Beautiful Orchid

End of Summer Blooms



                                                               The master at work.

Look at that face!

An organized pantry makes for a happy cook!

Another beautiful Michigan sunset!

A few of the all stars currently residing at Sasha Farm, Michigan's largest animal sanctuary.

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