Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Grilled Zucchini Hummus Wrap

This is a great weeknight meal, packed with nutrition and protein.  I made a double batch to keep in the fridge for the next day's lunch.

Grilled Zucchini Hummus Wrap
Adapted slightly from recipe
Serves 2

1          zucchini, sliced into thin, wide strips
            salt and pepper to taste
1          tablespoon olive oil
            slices roasted red pepper, from jar, thinly sliced
            red onion, sliced
            greens: Spinach, Kale or other favorite greens
            avocado slices
            slices vegan cheese:  we used Almond cheese
            tortillas for wrapping
            prepared hummus:  we love Trader Joe’s regular hummus

Toss zucchini strips in olive oil and salt and pepper. 

Heat stove top grill.  Place sliced zucchini directly on grill and let cook approximately 3 minutes on one side then 2 minutes on other side.  Try to keep somewhat crisp.  Set aside.

Place tortillas on grill just to warm.  Remove tortillas from grill and assemble wraps.

Spread desired amount of hummus on tortilla then lay out zucchini, roasted red pepper slices, onion slices and greens.  Roll-up, slice and enjoy!

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