Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cabbage Soup

Leaves turning colors, crisp cool mornings, and SOUP!  Yes, it's that time of year when we start adding warm, soothing meals to the menu and you can't go wrong with cabbage soup.  Very few ingredients and a cinch to make.

Cabbage Soup

1            onion, small dice
1            teaspoon vegan butter
              olive oil to sauté onion and Vegan Brats
1            medium head cabbage
5            tablespoons flour – more later if a thicker broth is desired
2            small - medium potatoes, medium dice
6            cups water, adjust as needed
2            teaspoons salt
              pepper to taste
3            vegan brats, I used sage brats – Tofurky or Field Roast brands are good.

Dice onion and sauté in an oiled skillet for a few minutes.  Add flour and stir to combine, add more oil if too dry, I added a teaspoon of vegan butter for flavor.  Add diced potato, stir to combine.  Add 6 cups water, 2 teaspoons salt and pepper to taste.  ***You can also substitute some of the water with Vegetable stock.  Cook approximate 10 minutes.

Cut cabbage into wedges.  Add to pot and cook until cabbage is tender.  Approximately 20-30 minutes.

While soup is cooking, oil a non-stick pan, cut Vegan Brats into large dices then fry until golden.  Add to soup at end of cooking.  ***You may add more flour if the soup is too thin or more water if soup is too thick.

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