Thursday, September 12, 2013

Baked Onion RIngs

We love onion rings but couldn't imagine frying them in a deep fryer, so this sounded like a nice alternative.  We enjoyed them with our home made crab-less cakes and made a little vegan mayo/catsup sauce for dipping.

Baked Onion Rings
Inspired by Bobby Deen recipe

2            Vidalia onions, cut into rings
1            cup plus 1 teaspoon whole-wheat flour
1/2         pkg. silken tofu  (this is to replace eggs)
1/4         cup or more nut or soy milk to create liquid
2            cups whole-wheat panko breadcrumbs
1/4         teaspoon cayenne pepper
              salt and ground black pepper
              Canola or Olive Oil spray.

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees.  Place 3 shallow bowls on the counter in a row for the dipping process.

***To replace the suggested egg whites, you can use soy milk or any other egg replacer you have.  I blended 1/2 pkg. silken tofu with nut/soy milk and the suggested 1 teaspoon flour and it worked really well.  Mix as much soy/nut as you need to make a good dipping liquid.  I used approximately 1/4 cup.

Add 1 cup of the flour to one bowl, the tofu/nut milk mixture in the next bowl and the breadcrumbs whisked with the cayenne in the last.  Sprinkle each bowl with salt and pepper.

Begin by tossing an onion ring in the flour.  Dip into the liquid mixture, followed by the breadcrumbs, and then place on a baking sheet lined with foil.  Repeat with the remaining onion rings.

Spray all of the breaded onion rings with the canola spray and sprinkle with salt and black pepper  Bake until the onion rings are crispy, 15 minutes.
***I put them under the broiler for a few minutes right before taking out to make extra brown.

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