Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tempeh and Chickpea Pinwheels with Agave Mustard Dressing

Giada's recipe calls for chicken so I tried mixing Tempeh with chickpeas and thought it turned out great.  If you like your salad with a bit more texture,  you can process the tempeh and chickpeas a bit less.  These little pinwheels are great for parties or picnics!

Tempeh Chickpea and Agave Mustard Pinwheels
(inspired by Giada De Laurentis)

1            pkg. tempeh (steamed or boiled per pkg. directions)
1            14 oz. can chickpeas
1 1/2      cups arugula or spinach, chopped
1/3         cup radishes, diced (optional)
1            cup soy cream cheese, (8 ounces)
1/4         cup agave
1/4         cup whole grain mustard
              zest of 1 large lemon
              kosher salt and freshly ground pepper
              Two 12 x 9 inch whole wheat or plain Lavash breads
              *** I used whole grain flour tortillas, approximately 5 ***

Steam or boil tempeh to remove bitterness (according to pkg.).  Rinse and drain chickpeas, process tempeh and chickpeas in food processor.  Remove and set aside in a bowl, and add radishes.  Process soy cream cheese, agave, mustard and lemon zest until smooth.  Add sauce to tempeh and chickpea mixture.  At this point you can add greens to the mixture of ad when assembling the pinwheels – it keeps the greens fresher.

Divide mixture in half and spread over the breads, leaving a 1/2 inch border. Starting at the longest edge, tightly roll up the breads like a jelly roll.  Cut each sandwich into eight 1 1/2 thick pieces using a serrated knife and serve.

***If using flour tortillas, cut into approximately 4 pinwheels.

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