Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Raw Chocolate Ginger Stacked Cake with Frosting

I made this for my dad's 88th birthday and it was a hit.  I wanted to make something rich and gooey but also healthy.  He loved it.

Raw Chocolate Ginger Stacked Cake with Frosting
Kimberly Snyder “The Beauty Detox Foods” - modified

1            cup almonds
3/4         cup walnuts
1/4         cup raw cacao (I used powder)
1/4         teaspoon sea salt
1            teaspoon grated ginger
3            tablespoons maple syrup
5            Madjool dates, pitted
1            teaspoon vanilla

3/4         cup avocado flesh
3            dates
2            tablespoons cacao powder
1/4         cup maple syrup
              vegan dark chocolate chopped into fine pieces around 1/4 of a big bar
              vegan dark chocolate shaved on top

Process the almonds, walnuts and cacao in a food processor and grind well.  Add the sea salt, ginger, maple syrup, dates and vanilla and mix again until a smooth mixture is formed.

Press the mixture firmly into an 8 x 6 rectangular glass baking dish, or a dish of a similar size.  Cut in half and separate with a spatula, as you will be stacking one half of the cake on top of the other.

Make frosting by blending the avocado, dates, cacao, maple syrup and dark chocolate (if using) in a food processor.  Use half the frosting to frost one of the halves, then stack the other half of the cake carefully on top.  Finally, frost the top of the double-layered cake with the remainder of the frosting.

Shave the top of each piece with dark chocolate – I used a vegetable pealer.

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