Thursday, May 15, 2014

Szechwan-Style Baked Eggplant

Szechwan-Style Baked Eggplant
Adapted from

1 or 2     Japanese Eggplants, julienned (I used a regular medium eggplant and
              julienned thick strips – because slices will shrink).
3            cloves garlic, minced
1            jalapeno, diced
1            small onion, diced
1           green, red or orange pepper, medium diced
             soy sauce, to taste
             brown sugar
             maple syrup
             arrowroot and water for thickening
             brown rice
             green onions

****I didn’t put measurements for the sauce, because I added as I went making sure to have enough sauce to coat all of the eggplant. 

Put sliced eggplant into a big bowl then coat with the sauce.  Let marinate as long as you would like.  I marinated approximately 1/2 – hour.  Place on baking sheet and either broil until browned or cook at 350 degrees until browned.  Check at 15 minutes.

While eggplant is cooking, take remaining sauce and put in small saucepan.  Add approximately 1 tablespoon arrowroot or corn starch with 1/4 water, stir until smooth.  Add to sauce and cook until starts to thicken – keep an eye on it!  Add more liquid if needed (soy sauce, syrup, water).

Remove eggplant, add green pepper to eggplant and serve over brown rice topped with green onion.  Pour sauce over top.

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