Saturday, May 24, 2014

Orange Battered Tempeh

Orange-Battered Tempeh
Kim Barnouin recipe modified

1            cup gluten free flour
1/2         teaspoon baking powder
1/2         teaspoon salt
1            can dark beer, cold
2            oranges, zested and juiced
3            tablespoons tamari
4            tablespoons arrowroot powder
            ***I used 1 cup juice from canned pineapple so I added another tablespoon
                  of arrowroot to the sauce mixture.
1/2            cup oil (I used olive oil and coconut oil)
2            green peppers, cubed
1            red onion, large dice
1            15 oz. can pineapple chunks or 1 cup fresh,
2            packages tempeh, cut into 2-inch cubes (or firm tofu)
1/2         arrowroot powder for dredging
              serve over brown rice

In medium bowl, mix together the flour, baking powder, and salt.  Pour in the beer and whisk together until no clumps remain.  Chill in the refrigerator 15 minutes.

In sauté pan, add a bit of oil, then sauté the red onion and green pepper until tender – but are still a bit crispy.  Set aside.

Heat a small saucepan over medium heat, and add the orange juice and zest, the tamari, maple syrup and reserved pineapple juice if using.  In a small bowl, mix together the vinegar an arrowroot powder until smooth.  Whisk the vinegar mixture into the orange juice mixture.  It will begin to thicken after about 5 minutes.  Do not boil. 

Remove the batter from the refrigerator.  Heat 1 tablespoon of the oil in a skillet and stir-fry the peppers and pineapple about 3 minutes.  Transfer to a bowl and set aside.

Add 1/4 cup of the oil to the skillet and heat over medium-high heat.  Dredge the tempeh in the arrowroot, shaking off any excess.  Submerge the tempeh batter and cook in batches in the hot oil, flipping with metal tongs when one side turns golden brown.  Remove the pieces and place on a plate.  Toss the  peppers, onion, pineapple and fried tempeh or tofu together in a bowl.  Drizzle with the desired amount of orange glaze and serve over rice.

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